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A report from GR Silver Mining has highlighted drill results from the ongoing drilling program in the Plomosas mine area. In addition to this positive news, validation sampling results from historic drilling at the Plomosas Silver Project in Sinaloa, Mexico are also looking good. Reaching high-margin precious and base metals mineralization with potential for large tonnage and scalability is looking more and more likely.

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The demand for silver is up. 

Canadian Mining Journal said, "The Silver Institute has released a report saying global silver demand rose 4% – to 1.03 billion oz. – in 2018. This is the first time since 2015 that demand has risen year-over-year."

They say demand growth, robust retail investment, and falling supply have been major factors in these changes. 

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Total physical demand for silver rose 4% last year…

Expert investors are currently optimistic about silver at its current prices. 

MarketWatch said, "Silver has been a lackluster performer this year, but as investors’ appetite for gold improves, silver might share in the yellow metal’s prosperity."

Global investment in silver rose last year and its market is close to balanced.

All of these factors are pointing to silver as a good investment in 2019. 

Especially in light of what is going on in the wor…

How does silver fit into your portfolio? What role should it play?

Seeking Alpha says it's a great addition to your investment portfolio and recommends keeping it at about 1%. This is because silver has spiked dramatically a few times in the past.

"You can see 'Silver Thursday' in March 1980, the result of Bunker Hunt attempting to corner the silver market. And you can see the freak-out in 2011. So you might come to the conclusion that an asset that goes bananas every once in a while could be a good asset to hold."

Researchers from Kent Business School published a…

How are solar panels related to silver? Silver is an important material in manufacturing the panels. said, "Given that it has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals, commercial solar panels incorporate about 20g of silver per unit. According to the experts at Kent, this means that the metal is responsible for around 6.1% of the total cost of building each panel."

Since the demand for solar panels is rising, the demand for silver is likely to rise as well. 

McGlone said that a mean-reversion in the gold-sil…

It appears that silver prices will soon be rising.

Kitco said, "With investor complacency at record levels and improving gold and copper markets, silver price can only go higher, according to the latest research from Bloomberg. . . silver’s high correlation with gold and copper could mean that the precious metal is ready to break out."

Some experts have predicted that silver could make its was up to $20 an ounce, which is a significant improvement! 

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