15 Unforgettable Images of Stars The researchers…

Some really interesting scientific research has come out about the origins of gold. According to a few of those scientists, it can be traced back to a star collision.

Live Science said, "In a new study published May 1 in the journal Nature, the duo analyzed the remnants of radioactive isotopes, or versions of molecules with different numbers of neutrons, in a very old meteorite."

Over long periods of time, the results of collisions like these might result in heavy elements like gold. 

Washington — Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke…

The former Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, is now working in the gold industry.

CBS News reported, "Zinke told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his work for Nevada-based U.S. Gold Corp., which focuses on mining exploration and development, would not constitute lobbying. But that company's CEO cited Zinke's 'excellent relationship' with the Bureau of Land Management and the Interior Department in explaining his hiring."

Zinke holds a degree in geology. 

Kitco News – It is a calm before the storm type of…

What does Brexit have to do with gold? Some investors are actually holding off until they see what happens.

Kitco said, "The gold market in the U.K. has people waiting out the Brexit uncertainty without making any sudden moves, Carrasco told Kitco News in an interview."

The best outcomes for gold would probably be hard Brexit or the potential outcome of no Brexit at all. Some experts say this could lead to gold at $1,500 an ounce.

A panel of 22 gold analysts surveyed by FocusEcono…

Gold mining stocks are expected to rise over the next year.

Mining.com said, "A panel of 22 gold analysts surveyed by FocusEconomics in March sees a gentle rise for gold in 2019 to average around $1,350 an ounce this time next year."

Looking back all the way to 1942 helped experts come to this conclusion. Looking at the chart, bull markets tend to end with a significant upswing. Often, the stock doubled as a result of this upswing. 

Investors treat gold more like a currency than sil…

Should you invest in gold, silver, or both? 

CNN said, "Investing experts say that gold, silver and other precious metals like platinum and palladium, could make sense as a small part of a broader investment portfolio."

They also recommended investing in gold and silver mining. If you're interested in that sort of investment but don't want to own actual metals, a mining investment could be a better way for you go get involved! 

We do need that final push above the $1,380 level…

Projections say that gold will be ready to rally soon.

CNBC reported, "The charts are setting up for a bullish move that could take the yellow metal sharply higher, said Miller Tabak equity strategist Matt Maley Wednesday on CNBC's 'Trading Nation.'"

Watch for a potential breaking point at $1380. Strategists say that if gold rises above that then the long-term trend has changed and it could keep going up.

It's a good time to invest in gold!

This week, the price for 24-karat (24k) gold could…

It was a tough couple of weekd for UAE as gold prices dropped Dh6.50 per gram in 2 weeks. As of Wednesday morning, 24K was already retailing at Dh156 per gram, down by a whopping Dh6.50 from two weeks ago, when prices soared to Dh162.50 per gram. Today’s buyers will also get to spend less on other jewellery pieces, with the 22K now selling at Dh146.50, 21K at Dh139.75 and 18K at Dh119.75.