Investors treat gold more like a currency than sil…

Should you invest in gold, silver, or both? 

CNN said, "Investing experts say that gold, silver and other precious metals like platinum and palladium, could make sense as a small part of a broader investment portfolio."

They also recommended investing in gold and silver mining. If you're interested in that sort of investment but don't want to own actual metals, a mining investment could be a better way for you go get involved! 

We do need that final push above the $1,380 level…

Projections say that gold will be ready to rally soon.

CNBC reported, "The charts are setting up for a bullish move that could take the yellow metal sharply higher, said Miller Tabak equity strategist Matt Maley Wednesday on CNBC's 'Trading Nation.'"

Watch for a potential breaking point at $1380. Strategists say that if gold rises above that then the long-term trend has changed and it could keep going up.

It's a good time to invest in gold!

Mining companies should establish partnerships wit…

The next steps for the mining industry to move forward are all about collaboration. 

Investing in building relationships with local communities and governments, as well as education, will pay off! 

Mining Review said, "Mining companies should invest in education and training, that allows mine employees and communities to transition to a new economy, aligned to industrial revolution 4.0."

Working with youth is the future of the mining industry! Let's get them excited about the future. 

Researchers with the University of Aberdeen and th…

Did you know that copper had an effect on primitive life? It could have played a role in some early animals developing respiratory systems! reported, "By analyzing a series of geological records, the scientists were able to prove that the level of copper in the environment increased dramatically at the same time as the first animals started to emerge."

This took place about 700 million years ago. Amazing such an unexpected substance had a huge impact on the development of creatures like sea sponges and jellyfish! It's also incredible to think that oxygen used to be toxic to living creatures. 


McGlone said that a mean-reversion in the gold-sil…

It appears that silver prices will soon be rising.

Kitco said, "With investor complacency at record levels and improving gold and copper markets, silver price can only go higher, according to the latest research from Bloomberg. . . silver’s high correlation with gold and copper could mean that the precious metal is ready to break out."

Some experts have predicted that silver could make its was up to $20 an ounce, which is a significant improvement! 

Click the link for some great info graphics on the subject. 

This week, the price for 24-karat (24k) gold could…

It was a tough couple of weekd for UAE as gold prices dropped Dh6.50 per gram in 2 weeks. As of Wednesday morning, 24K was already retailing at Dh156 per gram, down by a whopping Dh6.50 from two weeks ago, when prices soared to Dh162.50 per gram. Today’s buyers will also get to spend less on other jewellery pieces, with the 22K now selling at Dh146.50, 21K at Dh139.75 and 18K at Dh119.75.